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what is ott
What is OTT Platform, how it works, advantages and disadvantages.
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OTT platform meaning or the full form of OTT is over the top.

This implies that streaming is possible on our different devices such as mobile, laptop or smart tv, whenever we want, due to over-the-top technology.
It is a convenient, very easy service that has become the new delivery method of TV and film content over the Internet without the need for traditional cable or satellite TV.

In simple language, OTT is a platform that provides video and music content through the Internet on all our devices.

Just like if we had to watch a movie till a few years before today, we could watch it on our television or in the cinema hall, but today we can watch the same movie on our mobile or smart TV as per our convenience, sitting at home on different OTT platform.

OTT- Over the top

The OTT platform bypasses all types of video and music content directly to the user via the Internet, bypassing the cable, broadcast and satellite television platforms that were usually controllers and distributors of video content.

How does ott work?

So now we know that OTT is the platform that works through the internet, that means through the internet we can use OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. but it is also important to know that How does it work?

How this OTT platform can send high-quality video content simultaneously or separately to thousands, millions of users.

OTT platforms use a technology, also known as a content delivery network or CDN.

Under this technology, OTT platforms establish their servers according to the availability of their users at many places in the world, so that people from different parts of the world can easily view the content from their nearest servers.

Benefits of content delivery network technology for OTT platforms

The quality with which OTT platforms enable video content to reach our smartphones or smart TVs is a huge contribution of CDN technology, some advantages of CDN technology are as follows-

  • Under the content delivery network, OTT platforms deploy their servers at many places in the world, due to which their content reaches the user quickly without being buffered, meaning the latency is very low.
  • Another big advantage of CDN is that if a problem occurs on one of the server locations of OTT platforms, then users of that area will be affected and not the whole world.

OTT platforms have understood the future today, and they are using all modern technology to give a good experience to their users.
Under this, today almost all OTT platforms tie-up with Internet service providers, and put their content on their servers, so that the user gets that content directly from the Internet service provider, not any of the OTT platforms Remote server.

Due to which, if a popular show or movie is viewed simultaneously by thousands of users at once, then also the users have no problem.

That’s why many people call OTT platform as a smart platform, there are many other reasons why you can call OTT platform as smart platform-

  • You can watch the content of OTT platform from your smartphone to even the smartest TV. Content adjusts itself according to your video playing device
  • Content also reaches the user according to how the user’s internet speed is so that the content does not buffer, and the user can enjoy the smooth video content.

How do OTT platforms have so much content?

OTT platforms have a lot of content, and the reason behind this is that they buy the content right from the content creator.

Apart from this, the OTT platform exclusive also makes many TV series and movies to be seen on their platform.
There are many famous TV series due to which Netflix and Amazon Prime have benefited a lot.

Just as the Mirzapur series on Amazon Prime gave a lot of new subscribers to Amazon Prime, the Sacred Games on Netflix also benefited Netflix a lot.

How OTT Platforms Make Money?

On all popular OTT platforms, if you are able to watch any content without advertising, then the question arises that how do big OTT platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix make money?

All major OTT platforms collect their earnings from the subscriber, if you want to subscribe to these platforms, then you have to pay according to monthly or yearly, and this is the means of earning of these platforms.

Some of the most famous OTT platforms

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney Hotstar
  • HBO Now
  • Sony Liv
  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • Alt Balaji
  • Jio Cinema
  • VIU

Benefits of OTP

OTT is becoming increasingly popular today due to its countless benefits, the number of subscribers is increasing every day, some of the major advantages of OTT are:-

Freedom to watch anytime

On the OTT platform, you can watch any video content anytime according to your convenience.
For example, if you want to watch a movie on TV, then you have to watch that movie according to the TV broadcasting time, whereas on the OTT platform you can watch that movie at any time as per your convenience.

Content without advertisement

On the OTT platform, you can watch any content without advertising, this gives users a good experience, and users are able to watch any video content in a limited time.
Because you know that if you watch any content on TV, then you have to spend more time watching advertising than content.

Freedom to watch more than once

You can watch any video or music content as many times as you want on the Over the Top platform.
It does not happen that once you have seen the content, you cannot see it again.

And at the same time, users also get the facility to watch a movie or TV series in slots, it is not that they will have to watch the content in one go.

Freedom to view on any device

You can enjoy OTT platform content on any of your devices, whether you want to watch OTT content on a smartphone, or on a tablet, or on a laptop, or on a personal computer, or on a smart TV.

Freedom to watch from anywhere

You can watch any video content of OTT platform sitting anywhere in the world, just you should have internet connectivity.

It relieves us from the compulsion to sit in the same place in the old media like TV and cinema hall to watch videos.

We can enjoy OTT content as per our convenience on our sofa, during our journey, or from our bed.

A lot of content

On the OTT platform, you can watch a lot of content such as movies, TV shows, news, sports, kids content, everything on one platform.
Even you can easily see the content that is broadcast in other countries.

Subscription is not very expensive

Even today, subscription of most OTT platforms is not very expensive, and you can take month or year subscription,
By spending a thousand rupees a year or about ₹ 200 a month, you can subscribe to large OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime
Many OTT platforms also offer free subscription to consumers as a first month subscription trial.

Download facility

We can also download the content available on the OTT platform in the OTT application on our mobile or tablet, this allows us to view that content even in places where there is no internet connectivity.

Like if you are travelling in an aeroplane, you can download your favourite video in the application of these OTT platforms and watch it comfortably during the flight.

OTT Disadvantages

OTT, due to its many good aspects, today people’s style of watching TV is changing very fast, but if we talk about some shortcomings of OTT-

  • To watch video content on OTT, you have to subscribe to OTT platforms, Which many people still find expensive.
  • To watch videos in good quality on the internet, you have to get a good speed internet connection.
    If you take a broadband connection, you will have to spend at least a thousand rupees separately.
  • Content is different on all OTT platforms, so if you have subscribed to an OTT platform, and your favourite movie or TV series is coming to another platform, then you have to subscribe to the new OTT platform again For which you have to spend extra.
  • With slow internet, you will not be able to enjoy OTT content very well, either the video will start buffering or the video quality will fall too much.

Future of OTT

OTT is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world
Every day thousands of customers are subscribing to different OTT platforms
Today many people are leaving their normal TV and watching content on the OTT platform.

The lockdown caused by Corona further strengthened the OTT platforms, and many new movie and TV series were released directly on the OTT platform.

And now there is also a discussion that why not to release all the movies on the OTT platform along with the cinema hall.

The future of OTT can be gauged from this, according to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be due to online video.

According to a research, India’s OTT market has been around 5000 crores by 2020 and by 2023 it will be around 15000 crores which will be equal to the cinema market.

Some interesting things about the OTT platform

  • Netflix is the largest OTT platform in the world, along with the US, which has the largest number of subscribers in the world, and the largest among them is from the US.
  • India’s largest OTT platform is Disney Hotstar and second is Amazon Prime.
  • Today there are more than 100 OTT platforms operating worldwide, of which more than 10 are very famous.


Do all OTT platforms have different content?

On different OTT platforms, you can enjoy different types of content, on any two OTT platforms almost the content is different, but some movies are available on more than one OTT platform.

And there is some content that you cannot find anywhere other than that OTT platform

Is OTT a threat to cinema halls and televisions?

A lot of people believe that the OTT platform is a big threat to TV and cinema halls, and their fear has increased after many new cinema releases directly on the OTT platform.
on the other hand, It is believed by many that the great experience movies offer in a cinema hall, one can not enjoy it on personal tv, so there is no need to panic.

How did OTT give talented artists a chance to emerge?

OTT platforms gave a lot of small artists a chance to emerge, gave them a chance to showcase their work, and that’s why a lot of people are very fond of OTT
OTT has given many such artists today, who probably remain in the darkness of oblivion due to not getting a movie.
Where there used to be 2-4 movie releases in a month, now many TV series are being released in a month due to OTT platform, and many more movies as well.

How can I watch OTT on TV?

If your TV is a smart TV, you can download the app of the OTT platform, and enjoy OTT on your TV by subscribing to different OTT platforms.
But even if your TV is not a smart TV, you can buy an Amazon Fire Stick to make your TV a Smart TV, with the help of Amazon Fire Stick you can see all the OTT content.


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