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What is Email
What is Email- what is Email Address- full detail about Email
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What is Email -what is Email Address-  you will get a detailed answer in this article.

Friends, most of us today use our email ID every day for some important work, and together with those who work in IT sector, computer sector, banking centre, etc., they receive and send hundreds of emails throughout the day, but most of us do not have complete information about the email.

The E-mail was started by Ray Tomlinson in 1971, and today it has become an important part of all of our lives, which we are using every day in some way or the other.

So after reading this article completely, you will get complete information about email, email address, Gmail, what is CC and BCC in email.

What is Email?

Email means, or full form is electronic mail.

E-mail is the electronic means through which we exchange messages or mail among ourselves.

Most of us must have sent a letter to the post office to some of our acquaintances or for some work.

Whenever we send a letter to someone from the post office, an address is written in the letter where that letter is to be delivered, and the message is written inside the letter.

Similarly, today we can send or receive a message electronically, also called mail, to an email address.

When we send a mail to an email address, we can also send text, image files, documents and other attachments to that mail.

One of the good features we get here in the e-mail is that we can send any mail to many people at once. is an example of Email.

What is an email address?

An email address is the address of an email,

eg if we have a physical address, then the name of that area, the name of the district, the name of the state, and the PIN code are entered.
Similarly, the address is also entered in the email address.

Let’s understand the email address with a simple example-

Assume that this is an email-

If you look at this email carefully, it has three parts, the first part is the username, the second part is @, and the third part is the address.

So here in this example, you can see that the part before at the rate is the username, and the part after the at the rate is the address, that is, the address where a mail is to be reached.

We also take a second example to understand the email address better-

Assume that this is an email-

In the example of this email address, you can see that we can keep our username as per the availability.
While our email address depends on which website we have created our email with

Email Address
Email Address

So here let me tell you when you and most of us create our email account on Google’s open platform Gmail, then there is the use of Gmail website server and memory
When I create my email ID with my own website, I can create an email ID according to the memory available on my website there, and I can use the space available in it.

In simple language, our email address is the website with which we create our email.

How can we send an email?

If we want to send an email, the first thing we need is a valid email ID and a valid email address to which we have to send the email

how to send an email
how to send an email

We have to write a subject to send an email about which it is mailed.

Below the subject, we can write all the things that we need to send in that mail.

At the bottom, we get the option to attach a file from where we can also attach a document image or video to the mail.

Together we get another option CC and BCC, which we will talk about in detail later in this article.

After checking everything, the mail address is correct, and everything is written in the mail, we have to press the send button, with which our mail immediately reaches the mailing address.

What is the difference between Email and Gmail?

Email means electronic mail, the electronic medium through which we can send and receive any mail.

Whereas through Gmail which is a mailing platform of Google, we can send an email to any mailing platform and can receive it from any emailing platform.

So email is a way of communicating among ourselves, exchanging  messages among ourselves,

While Gmail is an open platform for sending and receiving email from Google, which anyone can use for free, like Gmail, there are many other open mailing platforms like Yahoo, Outlook etc.

What is CC in Email?

CC in the email means a carbon copy

When we send a mail-in an organization, we put the mailing address of the person to whom we want to send the mail in TO box.

Whereas if we have to send the carbon copy of that email to some other people as well, which the entire team knows that this mail has also been sent to all these people, then we would put that mailing address inside the CC option.

Whenever we are working as a team, CC is very useful when sending mail, because it lets all the members know that they all know about this mail and mail matter.

What is BCC in Email?

BCC means or full form, blank carbon copy in email.

When we send a carbon copy of a mail to several members at once, they put the email address of all of them inside the CC i.e. carbon copy option
Whereas if we want a carbon copy of this mail to be passed on to anyone who gets the mail, but the people whose email address is inserted inside the CC option, they should not know about the Email address of the BCC option, then we use BCC option while sending an email.

So this means that if we put an email address inside the BCC option while sending mail, that person will get the mail, but no person other than the mail sender will be aware of that person.

Benefits of email

There are many benefits of using e-mail, that is why today we all use the emails for many important work, and every day the use of email is increasing.

  • One great advantage of e-mail is that it instantaneously sends your mail, and delivers it to the email address entered.
  • We can attach and send various types of documents, images and videos along with text in emails.
  • Today, to use any kind of digital service, you must have an email ID, such as if you want to take advantage of Facebook or Instagram or any government scheme, then you must tell your email ID.
  • We can easily send a mail to many people without any extra effort.
  • Whenever we send or receive an email, it remains with us as a proof, which is very helpful at times.
  • Email and mobile play an important role in online banking transactions.

so friends I hope you got an idea about what is Email, you have further any query, please comment and let me know.


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